Windows-based computer program designed to crop and optimize 3D-models with maintaining attributes.

Using the unique "Fragmentation Grid" feature can save time necessary to prepare a 3D-model for further work by 27%!

GRID CUT is a Windows-based PC program for cropping and optimizing 3D-models with maintaining attributes.

Software features make it possible to reduce the weight of a 3D-model file by 11 times on average, using the unique "MEF" format developed by our company. The more detailed the model is, the greater file reduction is possible (up to 20 times).

A powerful tool of this software is a customizable fragmentation mesh, which allows you to divide the model into a given number of sectors of various shapes and then work independently with each of them. An additionally created mesh can be saved and used at all iterations of the project life cycle.

GRID CUT implements the feature of reading IFC format and further converting into the following formats: MEF, FBX, GLB, OBJ.

The software also allows you to work with the file architecture - by reading the data; it generates a color palette for a clear visual display of different types of model elements. The created palette can be saved separately and used in other projects.

For convenient subsequent use of prepared 3D-models in applications that use technologies of augmented reality, such as AR Mobile, the software has a set of features for generating QR – tags for models that allow you to upload a 3D-model into virtual space with a single click.

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Additional functionality:

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