The software designed to process a special excel file, from which the software receives data on the details necessary for uploading to the specification.

SPECIFICIER is designed to facilitate creation of specifications in case a wide range of products similar in purpose and characteristics are used in industrial orders.

As a rule, order calculation takes place in an excel file, and its results are entered into the specification manually, which requires a specialist to constantly refer to the product catalog in order to correct the data in each line and leads to a certain number of errors due to the human factor.

When SPECIFICIER is used, the excel file with the order calculation is loaded into the program, analyzed by the program by marks, and, based on the embedded database of product parameters, an order specification is formed.

The user receives a file with a ready-made specification, which contains all the necessary parameters, which reduces the time for obtaining a specification from 3 hours (the average time for manually filling out a specification consisting of 25-30 positions) to 5 minutes, in this case errors are excluded.

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